My Old Friend Couldn’t Survive My Girlfriend

My girlfriend killed my pet bird. I went out of town and left the bird with her and specific instructions on how to take care of it, but she didn’t follow the instructions and the bird died. I got a new bird as a pet, but I didn’t get the same kind, because I want to be grief stricken every time I looked at the new bird. I learned more about other birds that would make a good pet at and chose a parrot to be my new pet. Although my girlfriend said she was sorry about killing my old pet bird, I told her that I wouldn’t be leaving my bird with her the next time I went out of town.

The new pet bird is a bit more lively than the previous one. The old bird would mostly stay silent except in rare occasions, but this new one doesn’t mind letting itself be heard. This one likes to sing and it can even say phrases. Sometimes I wonder if the bird actually understands what I’m saying, or if it’s just repeating things that it has heard. Either way, it’s pretty impressive that the bird can even talk at all. I even taught the bird to do a knock knock joke routine with me, and other people laugh hysterically when they hear it.

Even though I’ve moved onto my new pet, sometimes I still think about the bird that I used to have. My girlfriend still feels bad about killing the old one. She doesn’t want to go anywhere near the bird because she’s afraid something will happen. The only reason the old bird died was because my girlfriend fed the bird something that it shouldn’t have eaten. As long as she doesn’t feed it anything other than its food, the bird should be fine.

I Did Some Voice Work This Week

I barely remembered the guy when he called me up. Of course it has been years since I worked in radio. I did it on the college radio station and then for a couple of years I would cut radio commercials while I worked a normal job. However this guy has been doing corporate video in Singapore when he called me up and asked me if I wanted to voice over his video. I told him that I was in Newcastle, Australia. He knew that and said that there was no reason he could not doing it over the internet if that was good with me. Of course I realized pretty soon that he was not really interested in paying me very much money for the work. He tried to get me to do for almost nothing, which I may have done if I had not done the same sort of thing before and known exactly what it paid back then. Continue reading “I Did Some Voice Work This Week”

I Have a New Project at Work

I have a new project at work, but the thing that I have to do is to find someone who can write us an app that will do what we need it to do. I understand that completely, but I am not really well able to translate that to a mobile app developer in Singapore. That is who I started to talk with, but the truth is that I have not really felt that I am able to communicate well with them or any of the others that I was able to find. Not all of the people that I tried were even that interested. Continue reading “I Have a New Project at Work”

What is a Bitcoin Trader?

Are you new to the Bitcoin world or not sure what a Bitcoin trader is? Maybe you are not new to the world of Bitcoin, but just don’t know much about how a trader can help you. This article will discuss what a trader does and how having a trader can benefit you as a Bitcoin owner.

A trader is an entity that plays the role of a bank in the Bitcoin world. A trader will invest in a large amount of Bitcoin, and then sell it to people who want to buy-in to Bitcoin, but at a much smaller amount than an investor would purchase. Traders also allow Bitcoin currency to be exchanged for other currencies.

Bitcoin traders make their money by buying and selling Bitcoin. Just as any other entity in the financial world makes money from fees, the world of Bitcoin is no different. This means that a trade fee is normal, and a person buying or selling their Bitcoin, should expect to see a fee.

Traders will allow you to purchase Bitcoin, as well as sell Bitcoin. Continue reading “What is a Bitcoin Trader?”