I Did Some Voice Work This Week

I barely remembered the guy when he called me up. Of course it has been years since I worked in radio. I did it on the college radio station and then for a couple of years I would cut radio commercials while I worked a normal job. However this guy has been doing corporate video in Singapore when he called me up and asked me if I wanted to voice over his video. I told him that I was in Newcastle, Australia. He knew that and said that there was no reason he could not doing it over the internet if that was good with me. Of course I realized pretty soon that he was not really interested in paying me very much money for the work. He tried to get me to do for almost nothing, which I may have done if I had not done the same sort of thing before and known exactly what it paid back then.

In fact he was still getting to work at a cut rate in spite of the haggling that I did. I figured that it was not that big of a deal and I had nothing better to do at any rate. The extra money did not hurt me, although I sort of wondered if I might get paid or not to be honest. That is a part of this sort of thing, you have to worry that the guy who promises you the moon when he needs you, is going to forget your name when it is time for him to cut the check. It is like that in every other thing, so I made up a contact in writing and he had to sign it. He paid up and then he said that he had three other jobs I could do.