I Have a New Project at Work

I have a new project at work, but the thing that I have to do is to find someone who can write us an app that will do what we need it to do. I understand that completely, but I am not really well able to translate that to a mobile app developer in Singapore. That is who I started to talk with, but the truth is that I have not really felt that I am able to communicate well with them or any of the others that I was able to find. Not all of the people that I tried were even that interested. Apparently a lot of them have plenty of work or they are only interested in these big projects with a pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow. What we want is going to have a bottom line price, we are going to have a budget and that is what they are going to make from it. There will not be any further income out of the deal for anything.

What we want is probably a lot more than any of these places are going to be willing to do for what the guys up the stairs want us to pay. I have not gone back to them to tell them this good news yet, but I figure that is what the future holds for us. Instead I have been looking for people who have already done something similar. I figure that other companies have had the same sort of ask that we have. If you have already made an app which does the same the same thing we want it to do, then I am pretty sure that it would not be that hard for them to copy and paste our needs into it.